Bin-There, Done That: Fridge Edition

Staying organized - love it or hate it - can make life so much easier (and visually appealing). If you're in the "love it" camp, like me, The Container Store is your mecca, you dream of custom closets, etc.

In an effort to add some organization to my fridge (in conjunction with a focus on reducing food waste, ensuring easy access to healthy food options and keeping things clean), I recently decided on a whim to pick up a few clear storage bins during a trip to Home Goods (another mecca for me). All less than $10 each, I loved the look of cans and bottles aligned neatly and a little tray of snack cheeses (another weakness) so much, that I ended up returning to another store to buy more and complete the project. The end result is below...

Okay, so it's no Cribs fridge, but it makes cooking at home a little easier and tidier!

While I ended up with Core Kitchen bins from my visits, there are a variety of similar bins (clear and colored) that you can buy online and in store, at retail or on sale.