New Year's Decorating Resolutions

New Years Day 2017 Brunch Spread

Happy New Year!

While I am not a die-hard resolution-maker, 2016 involved a lot of (good) changes personally - most notably starting At Home DC! I have a big personal and professional list of goals for the year, but I thought it might be more fun to share some of my décor-related resolutions (or perhaps they are more of mantras for 2017):

  1. Step outside your comfort zone. It's easy to gravitate toward one style, color palette or even furniture or accessories store. While I firmly believe you should have a personal style, look for people to challenge what you'd normally choose when redecorating or adding to your home. Through my interior decorating services, I strive to help people do just this (but I need to remember to remind myself to do the same in my own house).
  2. Decorate your home to impress but, most importantly, live! A living room or bedroom straight out of a design magazine is a thing of beauty...but it has to add to your enjoyment of your home (and not your list of worries, chores, etc.). The two are far from mutually exclusive but, as with many things in life, it's all about balance (and being smart about paint, fabric and flooring choices to ensure the four- and two-legged ones in your life can enjoy your home, too).
  3. Embrace color, pattern and texture. Much like virtually reality has created more immersive experiences (sorry, former life as PR gal in media), bold or unexpected color choices and introducing new patterns and textures in everything from flooring to textiles only adds to the complexity and enjoyment of your space. 
  4. Share your home and embrace your community! Okay, perhaps this is me being influenced by this year's election or more likely by the amazing neighborhood I call home, but take time to open your home by hosting friends, family and neighbors. I have always enjoyed hosting  small and large events at home, but I am stepping things up in 2017 starting with a relatively casual but oh-so-enjoyable brunch this morning (pictured above). Not only does this mean you can show off your beautiful home, but you'll also be exposed to new people, new perspectives and (hopefully) new friends. 

Do you have any home-related resolutions? If so, I'd love to hear about them! Here's to a happy, healthy and homey 2017!