7 (Inexpensive) Ways to Add a Splash of Spring to Your Home

Today is officially the first day of spring (we’ll see what mother nature does), and it’s the perfect time to add some new style to your home…without breaking the bank! Here are seven ways to spruce up your interior as we welcome longer days, warmer weather and all that the season brings!

1. Update your accent pillows. Regardless of season, changing the throw pillows on your sofa or bed, is an easy way to update a space on a dime. If you have lots of neutrals, consider adding contrasting hues; if you have a more finite color palette, swap a geometric pattern for a modern floral or a solid for something with texture. I always recommend investing in down or high-quality synthetic inserts in standard sizes, so you can just wash your covers and swap them easily.

ZZ Plant I Welcomed Into My Home Last Year (Shooting Off New Growth)

ZZ Plant I Welcomed Into My Home Last Year (Shooting Off New Growth)

2. Treat yourself to fresh flowers or a new houseplant. Greenery is the best way to add some life (literally) to your home and, if you don’t think a plant is too much of a commitment, consider adding a decorative planter and a low-maintenance addition, like a ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia). As a bonus, plants can improve your indoor air quality! However, if that’s too big a step or your four-legged friends won’t stand for it, stop by a local store and buy a few stems to arrange yourself. I’m a big fan of the hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s (about $6 for three stems) as they easily fill out a low vase and can last up to two weeks (with regular trimming and water changes). I also find the act of arranging flowers to be relaxing and a great way to de-stress….another bonus!

Add Life to Your Front Door with a Pop of Color (Image: Southern Living)

Add Life to Your Front Door with a Pop of Color (Image: Southern Living)

3. Add some color and decor to your door(s). A fresh coat of paint (and a new color) can do wonders for your walls but even updating your doors can create a stylish impact (and take a lot less time). If you have a street-facing front door, consider an accent color that coordinates with your exterior….and add a new doormat, wreath or planter while you’re at it. If you live in a condo, simply painting the interior (if you have restrictions) with a bold color adds tons of style. Need more tips? Southern Living has you covered.

4. Edit your kitchen countertops & dining room table. We’re all familiar with spring cleaning but have you taken inventory of what’s on your kitchen counters or dining table? Now’s the time to edit what’s out on your kitchen surfaces (what do you use daily and what can go in the cabinets or pantry) and perhaps add a functional accent piece, like a colorful bowl you can fill with fresh fruit and veggies from your local farmers market or a bright canister to store frequently used cooking tools. Similarly, refresh your dining room by adding a colorful runner to your table and simple accessories (maybe even those flowers you brought home earlier).

5. Let the sun shine in. Take advantage of more hours of natural light by updating your window treatments. If you have curtains, consider swapping them for a lighter linen option, like the West Elm ones here. If you have blinds or shades, keep them open and add some sheers to frame and soften your window. Now’s the time to give your windows a good clean inside and out…you’ll be amazed at the difference!

Flower in Gallery Frame.jpg

6. Bring the outside in with photography. One of my favorite DIY decorating hacks is to use photography and gallery frames to create inexpensive, meaningful and impactful wall art. Take your camera and grab some shots of the cherry blossoms and other flowers in bloom or find a talented friend and ask if you can print some of their shots you’ve hearted on Instagram. If you already have frames, just swap out the photos. If you don’t, head to Michaels for great deals on gallery-style frames (think narrow edges, modern lines and exaggerated white mats).

7. Re-style your shelves. If you have built-in bookshelves or a freestanding set, add some flower power with a removable wallpaper in the back (like this modern floral project from Top Shelf DIY). If you aren’t ready for wallpaper, simply start by removing all items from your shelves (and other flat surfaces) and carefully select pieces to add back in. Mix books with objects, framed items and other meaningful pieces. Less is always more.

Happy Spring!

Amber Harris is the owner of At Home DC, an interior decorator and a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Capital Properties working with clients in DC, Maryland and Virginia.